Law of Attraction Affirmations For Self-Love

Law of Attraction Affirmations For Self-Love: Are you trying to feel better yourself ?  Want to know if you can make yourself feel more loved? Well, you’ve come to the right blog post, In this post you will learn an easy way to make yourself feel more loved using positive words. Keep reading for only 15 great phrases to help you feel better about yourself!

Can saying nice things to yourself make you love yourself more?

Positive affirmations are like magic words that can make negative thoughts disappear.

Saying them once or a few times in a day is good, but saying them regularly, like every day, is even better. You might want to pick some affirmations to say every morning.

When you see them, say them out loud. Or say them to yourself as you pass by the mirror.

Best Overall Affirmations for Self Love

  • I was born worthy.
  •  I am a bright, shining light. 
  • I have the power to rise above any challenge that comes my way
  •  All I need is within me right now
  • “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” ~Louise Hay
  • I can do anything I set my mind to
  • I am perfectly me
  •  It is safe for me to be seen
  • I give myself the same love I so freely give everyone else
  • I am strong in my self love
  • Negativity bounces right off of me
  • I am worthy of being a priority in my own life
  • I experience the positive, glowing energy of self love throughout the day
  • I embody main character vibes
  • I am noticing all of the beautiful things to love about myself

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