How to Attract Friends Law of Attraction

How to Attract Friends Law of Attraction: Do you remember being a kid and how easy it was to make friends ? You could simply walk up to another kid and say, “Look at this cool rock I found,” and they’d be like, “Wow, that’s neat ! Do you want to be friend ? I like rocks too!” And just like that, you’d have yourself a new best friend!

If you are lucky, you’ll have some friends who attach with you as you grow older. Even if you end up making special things or living different lives, if you have a deep bond with them, they’ll always be there for you. Treasure those special friendships.

Seeking to attract friends who share similar interests and values

If you’re lucky to have some close friends who have been with you for a long times, you might still feel like you need new friends for special reasons.

May be you want someone to keep you accountable while you work on your business.

Or maybe you’re searching for a friend to accompany you while you explain the dating universe.

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You could be hoping to find a friend who enjoys doing vision boards and discussing manifesting and magic.

Tips for Making Friends: You Should Remember When Learning How to Do It

A lot of people want to create new friends, but sometimes they feel too scared to give it a shot. It’s usual to feel embarrassed, like you’re not good enough, or just not confident enough to go out and meet new people. These feelings can keep you all alone and far from the friendships you really want.

But don’t worry. If you ever feel those things when you’re trying to make friends, it’s okay to take a breather.

Before we can be good friends with others, we require to be good friends with ourselves

Here’s a simplified version of the given sentences:

Before expecting good friendships, we should learn to love ourselves, say nice things to ourselves, feel okay about our feelings, and manage them well.

I’m not saying you have to fix all your difficulty before creating friends. But it’s vital to feel good about yourself first.

When we already feel good about ourselves, we’re more likely to attract good friendships.

If we don’t feel good about ourselves, we might attract bad friendships or none at all. Not great.

Tips for Manifesting Friends

Making friends can happen in many path. Below are some tips that assist you.

Get to know yourself

Understanding yourself well is super helpful. It’s like knowing who you really are, what you want and require, and even what you’re here for. When you get these things clear, you’ll feel energized and ready to make awesome new friendships that just feel right.


When you’re meditating, picture a pink light coming from your heart and spreading all through your body and around you. Then, imagine going into a room and meeting the best friends who understand your soul. Give them a smile. Send good vibes from your heart to theirs. Ask them to be part of your life and feel how nice it is to have new friends who get you and are there for you.

Be patient

People say that making good friends takes time, just like building Rome wasn’t done in a day. It can take years to form strong & powerful friendships.  The bond will grow naturally from there.

Be open

Don’t judge. Age, culture, language, or where you live shouldn’t stop you from finding great friends. Stay open.

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